What is the Gifted Generation Series?

October 23, 2015


The inspiration behind this book series began at the beginning of 2014. The church I was attending was going through a week of consecration, which included fasting and prayer for the new year. On this particular day I was at home sleeping for my late night work shift. My wife came home and told me of the move of God that happened in that service. Young people were giving their testimonies of their experience of fasting. It was the first time many of them had fasted. 

    My wife also told me that during their time of testifying that many of them began to also share of their struggles and how they needed help from God. When I was listening to my wife tell her story, a thought came to me. What would happen if the youth were sold out for God? Then the words of Dwight L Moody came to me. “The world has yet to see what God will do with and for and through and in and by the man who is fully consecrated to Him."  

    From that thought this book series began. Thoughts were swirling through my head of seven on fire youth, living in a time where Christian liberties are being attacked and sin is abounding.  These seven young people will be given supernatural abilities and will bring revival in their town. All this is happening while they're dealing with the pressures and struggles of being a teenager. Satan will bring accusations and temptations their way. Will they cave in or rise to the challenge?

    I pray that all who decide to take their precious time and read these books will be bless. My goal is for young christian’s to know how to answer some of the challenges of common issues faced as a teenager and young adults. I would like for everyone to live out their christian faith without comprising.

   I believe that God is going to use the young people to bring revival to this nation before his return of the church.



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